Lecher Antenna Training

This is the instrument we use for energy diagnose. We called it “Brahmastra” because you can diagnose anything by using this instrument. You can do vaastu, astrology, numerology, gemstone and crystal therapy, Bach flower and essential oil remedies and more.

This instrument is useful for vaastu consultants, astrologers, gemologist, real estate brokers and builders, architects and interior designers, healer, shop keepers etc.

We give workshops to learn how to use this instruments also we sell this instruments. In our workshop we teach various lesions as under.

Lecher Antenna training workshop

  1. Basic introduction of energy and human connection.
  2. Self healing and protection technique while using instrument.
  3. Lecher Antenna introduction.
  4. Handling process -1
  5. Handling process-2
  6. Details of different frequencies.
  7. Space analysis
  8. Earth analysis
  9. Vaastu analysis by floor plan
  10. Human analysis or object analysis

11. Harmony between to person
12. Human and object harmony
13. Astrology diagnose
14. Horoscope healing
15. Numerology
16. Color therapy
17. Oils and flower remedies
18. Gemstone and crystal remedies
19. Meditation for self growth
20. Dowsing

The Lecher Antenna was designed to measure the wave patterns of extremely subtle energy fields- Invisible energy like the subtle fields around all living things. Detecting the unseen has now become routine.

More and more people around the world are discovering the wonder of the lecher antenna. As a tool in their professional lives or an aid to maintaining harmony and balance within their home and personal lives.

The lecher antenna is an instrument that measures the energy fields surrounding the body. To determine the physical health of a person. All the body fields like organs, glands system and functions should be in alignment around the physical body. Diseases in body have a different field frequency, causing misalignment. This misalignment creates an imbalance that will be reflected in the overall balance of the person. Some of the fields may be balanced, whilst one or more are out of alignment. For example, if the physiological field is out of alignment, the person may feel healthy but have psycho-emotional concerns, lack energy, feel nervous at some level or sad and depressed for no apparent cause. If the energetic and physical body are corrected then the person recovers their full potential, sleep is more refreshing, they copy with situations better and tend to attain their goals easier. When the fields are aligned around the body correctly, they experience a sense of vitality in the body and the environment around them reflects increased harmony.

The Lecher Antenna is based upon Nano technology. This technology is used at the atomic level and as such is very powerful in its capacity to measure tiny fluctuation in the particle fields around all objects.

How does it work?

This is more of an explanation than an absolute truth, because at such Nano levels, even powerful scanning tunneling machines, used by physicists have difficulty measuring subatomic particle or photons. They are perceived only by the wave that is generated when like particles meet like and give way to each other. Any metal conductor constitutes an antenna, which collects and emits at least half the energy in response to what it is exposed to. The position of the cursor bar can be set to indicate different emissions or frequencies and will give a wave motion when it meets a congruent or energetic match.

If you use a generator of Gigahertz, emitting in the cent metric waves, you can check the corresponding waves emitted by the antenna. The cent metric scale of the lecher antenna makes it possible to measure the harmonic and organic resonance within the electromagnetic spectrum. The human body, thanks to the lecher antenna, is able to select information with the lower part of the electromagnetic background noise, which otherwise would not be measurable with most current testing technology.

The energetic field should properly centre with our physical body. The mis alignment causes into mental discomfort and suffering. It leads into sorrowfulness. Cannot control emotions, fearfulness towards troublesome situations. If the energetic and physical body alignment is corrected then you can recover your full potential, healthful sleep, able to face properly personal situations, attain your goals, turned to the right changes: love, progress, prosperity, health, satisfaction, empowerment, money, happiness. Are your fields surrounding your body at their favorable point of your physical body?

There are four fields surrounding your body the Thermic, Magnetic, Electric, and Chromatic.

Thermic fields relates to the heat surrounding the body. If the magnetic field is inside the thermic field is inside the thermic field, your creativity will spoil. The magnetic field relates to the YIN principle.

If the electric field is inside the magnetic field, if you have creativity in the mind you can’t take any action. Even you can’t have desire to do that action. The electric field relates to the YANG principle.

The chromatic field is too close to your body even you are unable to overcome your discomforts and diseases. If far away you can overcome the sick and can heal your body. Chromatic fields relates to the mental & spiritual body.

In the sessions you are taught how to fix your own energy, you are given detailed notes so that you will remember how to fix your own energy. The rest is up to you

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