Healing by 5 senses.

All the problems in life coming from our 5 senses.  We do transactions by our vision, test, listening, touch and smelling.  We created this powerful workshop which includes various remedies to invite higher vibrations in human life.

  1. Visualization technique and give more power to 3rd eye chakra. This process can increase sixth sense also develop intuition power. Also color therapy can be involved in this part.
  2. Sound healing will be done by Tibetan singing bowl and mantra. We also created some subliminal sounds to heal life.
  3. Crystal and gemstone therapy can help to get touch therapy. We teach how to use proper crystal for particular life issues.
  4. Essential oils can be use to heal aura. We can create combination remedy by the essential oils to get benefits.
  5. Some medicines we can use to heal body. It will go directly inside and work on deeper emotional field.

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