Chakra balancing workshop.

Chakras are also called energy centers. You can get disturbance in life when you have blocks in chakra. We have 7 main chakra and around 250 minor chakras connected with physical body on earth plane. Also we have some connected chakras up to fifth plane. It is more then 22. If we have any disturbance in 7 main chakras we have problems in all other chakras.

Whatever the problem you are getting in life is coming first at energy level and it can damage or block these energy centers. At the end it can damage physical body and organs. So whatever the problem you have in your body you have to balance your chakra first. We teach workshops on chakra balancing.


Course content.

  1. Basic chakra information. ( color, shape, size , properties and position)
  2. Chakra healing by mantra
  3. Breathing techniques
  4. Color therapy
  5. Sound healing
  6. Oil remedies
  7. Meditation
  8. Healing by instruments

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