Lama Fera

If we talk about religion then Buddhism is totally different from others. Buddhism is walking on the path of Dhamma. (Dharma). All the religions are talking about Dharma (Do) and Adharma (Don’t).  Buddhism is giving clear indication when you are not align with the divine then you are not dharmik. Here we do not have to follow any religion or do not require to change your original religion. We have to use the techniques.

Siddhartha Gautama was a prince. He has deep routed desires to know the truth about life and he leave all the assets and go in the silent zone to achieve the “Nirvana” and “Enlightenment” during this learning he activated 2100 healing techniques. By the time all these techniques are damage and destroyed. These are very powerful tool. Neighbor countries like Burma and Nepal kept this knowledge in pure form and practice it. They also teach others and as per in Indian concept of Guru Shishya parampara they save these modalities.


What we going to Learn?

We do practice on some modalities and we find excellent and faster results. Lama FERA is one of them. We are taking workshops also on this modality. It is 2 level workshops.


  1. Healer level ( you can practice healing for self and others)
  2. Master level ( You can practice healing for self and others also you can teach Lama fera )

Benefits of Lamafera

  • Negative energy removal
  • Black magic removal
  • All the blockages removal
  • Space healing/ vaastu energy balancing
  • Health issue healing
  • Financial healing
  • Karmic healing
  • Soul realization.
  • Healing relationships


This is a certified course and Vipul Joshi is the certified teacher of Lama FERA healing. He had healed many people and teaches also.

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We had a very successful LAMA FERA Event on 27,28 April 2019. Check *Events* Section for Pictures & Videos of the Event ~~~ Next LAMA FERA Event on 11,12 May 2019 ~~~ Call +91 98251 14968 for Registrations