Alternative Medicine or Energy Medicine.

This is the step after details analysis report. Alternative medicine is working on energies. We also called it “Energy medicine”

Everything in this universe is“ENERGY” this is a statement from science. If we focus on our Indian ancient science we can realize that they were also working on the energies. If we go 100 years back there wasn’t any active medical system as present. So in old days people treat self by energies only.

After doing details energy analysis we get total idea about where is the problem in the energies. For this treatment we give different energy healing sessions and objects.


Treatment by crystals.

Crystals are pure and higher energies. It has all the power to balance your energies and space. We use crystals for human energy balancing as per requirements. Crystal is having pure energies to balance finance, harmony in relationships, health issues, mental issues etc.

Healing session

Many healers are working under the roof of “Sun Moon Soul” and they are giving service to our patients on various problems. We choose different methods and modalities for the treatments according to the patient’s energy.

Pyramid healing

Pyramid of Egypt are energy transformers. When you use it you can get the balancing energies. This is an ancient technology of Egypt. If you meditate inside the pyramid then you can realize that your power has been increased multiple times. We focus on block energies and at that particular point we use programmed pyra objects for healing.

21 days dynamic package

This is a powerful package for total energy balancing. In this process we serve the client for 21 days.

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