Mantra healing

Mantra we all know in India it’s very powerful. Also it was used by the spiritual masters as an affirmation to heal self energies and whole universe. We created some techniques to get more results from mantras.

Narayan kawach

Narayan kawach is very powerful strotra to get protection from all the directions all the time. Narayan kawach is the strotra of shri hari Vishnu. It gives respect to the person from everywhere.  It can give protection from bad planets, black magic, entities and jealousy from the people.

Gayatri mantra

This is a powerful mantra to achieve truth and light in life. We involved some creative techniques to get more benefits from Gayatri mantra. Gayatri is the mother of all the mantra and it has more power to attract good things in life by removal of negativity.

Aditya hriday strotra.

This strotra was given by Agatsya rishi to Shri Ram at time of final phase of war with Ravana. Ravana was powerful worrier and at the same time he was tantric. Agatsya rishi gives this protection strotra to Shri Ram to be safe and secure from any kind of black energies. This is a strotra of Sun and in the presence of Sun negativity cannot harm you. This strotra is very powerful and we give it by adding some techniques.

Shiv tandav strotra

This strotra was created by Ravana to prey Mahadeva. And at the end Mahadeva gaves a commitment ( Vardan) to Ravana that “ Who ever sings this song created by Dashanan at the time of puja, he will get all the good aspects in life till the end like health, wealth, Laxmi, luxury and prosperity. We all knows that Ravana experience abundance whole life till his death. We add some techniques to get more benefits from this strotra.

Chakra mantra

Our energy body is having 7 main energy centers. We called it chakras. You can balance you chakra by chanting a bij mantra of particular chakra. We created some techniques for chakra balancing and healing by using mantra and techniques.

Planet mantra.

To get blessings from planets we can chant mantras. You believe or not it doesn’t matter. All the planets are giving continuous vibrations to you. If you don’t believe Sun then also you get heat and light so every planet is giving us invisible vibration frequencies which required healing. Mantra is very powerful tool to balance your planets.

How to use affirmation

Mantra is the foam of affirmation only. You can create own mantra to fulfill desires and solve life problems. We teach total science about affirmation. You can get benefits by using in proper system.

Mantra for prosperity

Finance is the basic need of the human life. Without money you can’t get satisfaction in life. This is the truth. So on the path of spirituality also we can’t ignore the money. It is essential and your birth right to receive money. We share some specific mantras and techniques to get money in your life.

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