About Vipul Joshi

Vipul Joshi is the 40 year old male from Vadodara, Gujarat. In early age he started his professional career in home décor and interior designing consultancy. Many residential projects have been created by him since year 2006 to till date.

Vipul Joshi is also having some curiosity and diversions towards different subject. In year 2007 he started to work on mind power and sub conscious mind programming. In year 2009 he went for Vipassana first time. So somewhere he is having diversion on the path of spirituality and truth of human life.

In year 2012 he realized that costly interiors and luxury finish cannot invite peace, love or satisfaction in human life. He started to find some science by doing experiments in own life. He started to understand the concept of “Vaastu”. After details study he again realized that in apartments or in big townships many units are having same planning mean they have same structural vaastu but their life is not same. So where is the problem or missing components of human life?

So after 2013 he started to search the truth for human life to get freedom from all the problems. He travelled a lot; meet masters of various subjects who are working on the energies and spirituality. He started working on both the fields like home décor and energy. He develops a unique concept called “Energy Interiors”. Whatever the problem you are facing in your life, your space (home/office) has all the power to balance your life.

At the end of 2018 Vipul Joshi started holistic healing centre at Vadodara, Gujarat. This center is working like a clinic only. Here all the work has been done on “Energies” only.

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