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Who we are?

Sun Moon Soul is the source of Abundance. Sun Moon Soul is the holistic healing centre at Vadodara, Gujarat. Sun Moon Soul is working just like a clinic. Here we are not working on your physical body but on the “Energies”.

Whatever the problems you are facing in your life at present like physical health issue or financial issue or relationship issue or study related issue it is just a results of your “Energies”. Your future is also a reflection of your present energies.

So whatever you want in life you have to create it at energy level. This concept is working beyond you self belief system and sub conscious mind. People are doing visualization and trying to manifest their desires but they do not get it because they do not have “Energies”

Sun Moon Soul helps you to get service and guidance in your life. Also we organize many workshops where you can learn many subjects on the “Energies”. You can be able to balance your life by this concept.


About your Privacy

Sun Moon Soul maintains the privacy of every client. If you do not want to share your personal details then also we will do the diagnose of your energies and gives you the accurate root cause to heal.

Where are working?

Sun Moon Soul is also working on the global platform by distance services. We have tie ups in many countries like Australia, U.S., Canada etc. In India we provide service in all the regions. You can connect with us for any kind of guidance without sharing your details.

Sun moon Soul is giving healing services, teaching many workshops and after learning you can start your own profession. So overall Sun Moon Soul is helping you to learn, teach and earn. This is a source of abundance.

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