Vaastu Consultant

We just did the analysis about this subject and develop a unique concept called “Energy Vaastu”, “Energy Interiors” and “Land activation”

Human Energy Aura Analysis

We provide full energy report in 12 pages. This covers all the details about person. All zones of vaastu, aura analysis, Current planet vibrations..

Alternative medicine

Alternative medicine is working on energies. We also called it “Energy medicine”. Everything in this universe is “ENERGY” this is a statement from science.

Meditation Facilitator

Meditation does not mean to sit in a peaceful space for 20-30 minutes in whole day. Meditation means “Dhyaan”.

Buddhist Healing Modalities

If we talk about religion then Buddhism is totally different from others. Buddhism is walking on the path of Dhamma. (Dharma).

Access Bar Healing Session

Access conscious bars are practiced internationally. It is working on 32 points on the head to balance money, relationships, sexuality, creativity, abundance, manifestation etc.

“you can’t change your life by changing only calender. To get results in your outer world. you have to change your inner universe.”

by Vipul Joshi

Who we are?

Sun Moon Soul is the source of Abundance. Sun Moon Soul is the holistic healing clinic at Vadodara, Gujarat. Sun Moon Soul is working just like a clinic. Here we are not working on your physical body but on the “Energies”.

Whatever the problems you are facing in your life at present like physical health issue or financial issue or relationship issue or study related issue it is just a results of your “Energies”. Your future is also a reflection of your present energies.

So whatever you want in life you have to create it at energy level. This concept is working beyond you self belief system and sub conscious mind. People are doing visualization and trying to manifest their desires but they do not get it because they do not have “Energies” 

Benefits of Energy Healing:  Auras, Chakras and Soul


Increased energy


Overall balance and focus


Better sleep


Feeling lighter


Reduce physical and emotional pain


Faster recovery time from surgery




Accelerates the body’s self healing abilities


Peace and joy



You Will Learn:

  • The Human Energy System of the Aura, Chakras, and Meridians (Energy Pathways)
  • How each Energetic Pathway affects each Organ System and your Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Well Being
  • How the 5 Element Theory can Balance and Align the Energy System for Stress Reduction, Lowering Physical and Emotional Pain
  • How to Assess, Align & Balance the Chakras—Main Energy Centers for Prevention, Wellness, and Recovery
  • Heal at the Soul Level
  • Discover How to stay Healthy with Each Season and Positively impact Health and Well-Being

Customers Reviews

I was having Complications about concentrating and was feeling stressed with a stiff neck, and had trouble bending down to pick things up from the floor.

But after meet Vipul Joshi at Sun Moon Soul, I never expecting a result is far better from my Imagination. I am now calmer, clearer of mind, my body is lighter, my stiffness is no longer there, and I am sleeping 7- 8 hours uninterrupted!

Meet Bhatt

Mechanical Engineer, KGWW

My soul retrieval session with Vipul Joshi was the most profound spiritual and emotional experience of my life.

For about a year I’d noticed increased feelings of fear, indecision, and depression. Through this process I came to realize how I hopelessly clung to anything that offered temporary relief from the pain.

Dharmesh Patel

Actor and Singer, Ira Academy

I’ve found that Vipul has had a profound impact on my life.  I’ve been going through a tremendous time of transition, and Vipul has really facilitated a smooth emotional state for me.

I come with frazzled and upset with the world, and leave calm and ready to look at things a new way.  I find him insights particularly helpful to remember during the week, to keep me in that calm, centered position.

Namrata Acharya

Writer, Freelance

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